The networking action is important for the sharing of knowledge and the creation of common objectives that support, on a local and European scale, the realization of the objectives of the reference EU policies and strategies.

In particular, the networking activities will be of two types: Networking with EU and National Projects, achieved through the activation of contacts with other EU projects (LIFE, H2020, HEU), ongoing or concluded, but also with other cooperation or with specific local actions and thematic and institutional networking, which through conferences and technical seminars will ensure that a technical-scientific debate develops around the project which can contribute, on the one hand, to improve the activities envisaged by the project in the construction, and on the other hand, to create an environment conducive to the development of similar activities in other geographical contexts as well.

There will also be organizational meetings that will involve the associations of entrepreneurs in the horticultural and agricultural sector, and the regional and national agencies for the environment and health (Marche and Abruzzo Region), which will take place in the institutional offices of the Partners and in the venues of the events.